Trustees’ Annual Report 17-18

20/04/2017 – 13/08/2018

Trustees’ Annual Report 17-18

Objectives and activities

The primary objective of Little Heroes Comics is to provide children undergoing long term medical treatment in the UK with a fun and creative outlet by the provision of art materials through a comic making package.

Our key objectives for the year were as follows:

Achievements and performance

Grant Recieved

We successfully submitted and obtained our first charity grant from the National Lottery Big Fund. This was granted on the basis that the money raised would be used to create and distribute comic making kits to 1000 children across the UK. The grant was for an amount equalling £5,979.

Kit Allocation

Throughout this period Little Heroes Comics was able to send out over 700 comic making packages to over 14 different healthcare organizations across the UK, which was made possible by the grant from the National Lottery Big Fund. The success of this first rollout has enabled us to do research into what works well in the kits and what the play specialists and the children using them would like to see in future iterations. We have also built up a strong database of contacts within each of these hospitals and online to enable us to reach more hospitals and health care organisations over the next period.

Charity Fundraising Anthologies

During this period we worked with over 30 different creatives in the comic industry to create two comic Anthologies. We have sold these Anthologies at conventions and other events throughout the year and it has helped us raise an additional £4,700.

Convention Tabling

Throughout this period we have been heavily working with various comic conventions across the UK who have allowed us to table at their events. Via these tables we have given away small kits to children who come along and we have also been able to sell our Anthologies. As well as providing us with a platform to sell, these events have also been a great way to get exposure and generate additional funds; Margate Comic Con billed us as their sponsored charity for their event which helped raise over £400 via a charity auction. The conventions have also enabled us to reach more people within the industry who believe in what we do and reach more individuals who work in the locations we are trying to attract.

Safeguarding Children

Little Heroes Comics makes the safeguarding of the children they work with a high priority. As such, we have now successfully implemented a new safeguarding policy and have made sure that any member of staff that interacts with children has been CRB checked.This year we also appointed our trustee, Susan Rackley, as the charity Designated Safeguarding Officer after the successful completion of the NSPCC Child protection:an introduction course.

Financial Review

Receipts & Payments

A1 Reciepts

Grants £5,979
Fundraising £1,965
Conventions £755
Online Donations £581
Total £9,279

A2 Asset and investment sales

Online Sales £301
Anthologies £4,700
Sub Total £5,000
Total Receipts £14,279

A3 Payments

Charitable Activities £7,033
Banking & Insurance £169
Advertising £373
Office & Computer Supplies £1,275
Fundraising Costs £5,212
Sub Total £14,062

A4 Assets & Investment Purchases

Sub Total
Total Payments £14,062
Net of recieptss £217
Cash Funds this year end £217

Income Sources

  • Online Sales
  • Online Donations
  • Conventions
  • Fundraising
  • Anthology Kickstarters
  • Grants

Structure, governance and management

Charity Name : Little Heroes Comics

Registered Charity Number : 1174304

Charity’s principal address : 4th Floor, 18 St. Cross Street, London, EC1N 8UN

Little Heroes Comics is managed by our trustees’ tables below.

Aaron Rackley

Susan Rackley : Safeguarding Officer

Katie Hall

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