Day 1 has passed and so did the £1000 mark

We have now been live for just over a day and we are blown away by the support that everyone has shown so far. As of writing this, we are already sitting at an amazing 68% with a total of £1,023 raised.

This happened so quickly we had to get the 50% banners made a lot sooner than expected and it’s likely that we will have to use the 75% tomorrow!

As you know all the money raised go towards the printing cost of the Anthology and all remaining money raised goes straight towards delivering kits to children in the hospital.

As we are already heading towards the finish line, we are starting to think of some stretch goals that we can do to make not only the Anthology better but also the kits we are sending out in January and throughout 2018.

If you have been following us on facebook you may have noticed we have been hinting at some very exciting news! And here it is: The amazing guys over at have reached out and offered a free month’s trial for their new App being dubbed the Netflix of comics. This is being offered to every backer who contributes £3 or more (but please bear in mind that the offer is only available once our Kickstarter campaign has ended).

To check out their website head on over to

Once again thank you for all the love everyone has shown so far. All of us at Little Heroes Comics cannot wait to see where this goes in the next 24 hours, and hopefully, we will be updating you again soon once we hit our 75% target.

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