Anthology #1 - Strength

Anthology 1 – Strength

Welcome to the first ever Anthology curated by us here at Little Heroes Comics. Our anthology is aimed at providing you all with a great selection of comics all based around a unified theme.


The theme for this issue is ‘Strength’, we chose this theme to reflect the amazing strength and courage that the children we send our kits to show every day.


On the left-hand menu you can see what stories are contained within the pages, the creators who helped shape this anthology, where you can buy it and finally all the amazing individuals who backed us on Kickstarter to get this dream a reality.

Cover 1a

Created By: Ross Burt @arkadeburt

Cover 1b

Created By: Darrell Thorpe @mrforpe –

1. Bike Force

Writer: Tony Esmond –

Artist: Susie Gander,

Lettering: Dan Butcher –

2. Ell And The Vile Alien

Created By: Kev Brett,

3. Rule Of Three

Writer: Vincentius Talbot

Artist: Stefan Nymzo

4. Untitled

Created By: Richard Heaven –

5. Strength / Invincible

Created By: T.Leal –

6. New Fish In Town

Created By: Tom Curry – @thischucklehead

7. The Flying Halfpennies

Created By: Nick Prolix –

8. Strength

Created By: Simon Russell –

9. Totally Beast

Created By: Ross Burt @arkadeburt

10. Daily Strength

Writer: Aaron Rackley

Artist: thepXd, @chachman2711thepxd

11. The Hero Within

Writer: Mo Ali @mo_ali

Artist: Andy Bloor @andybloor

Without the amazing people listed on this page, our anthology would have never been printed. We would like to take a moment and thank every single one of you personally.

Alan Henderson
Andréa Fernandes
Andrej in Klavdija
Andrew Pawley
Andy Conduit-Turner
Ann-Marie Harrigan
Arianna and Laurence Shapiro
B.E. Murer
Becci Clarke
Benjamin Sach
Bob Eddy
Bradley Walker
Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline
Claire Carmichael
Claire Spiller
cody delorme
Dan ‘Dogs’ Akers
Dan Brown
Dan Rushton
Dan Whitehead
Daniel Licht
Dave Bourne
David Goode
David Plant
Ellen Power
Emporium Purgatorio
Eshan Tosar
Fermin Serena Hortas
G-Man (Comics Anonymous)
Gareth A Hopkins
Gaz Harding
Hayley Ng
Helen Maffin
Ian Summers
Iban Delgadillo
Imogen & Bronwen Yates
Isaac and Ellie B
James Gibbs
James R. Crowley
Jamie Ray
Jason Crase
Jay Lofstead
Jeff Lewis
Jenny Brown
Jimmy Furlong
Jo Backstrom
Joey Yu
John Hannon
John MacLeod
Josh Mitchell
Ken Reynolds
Kiaan Vaja
Kirk & Mindy Spencer
Kit Fagg
Kris Egdell

Lara & Rhea Laight
Leamington Comic Con
Lee Sullivan
Lou lou lil
Luke Morris
Mark Pearce
Matt Garvey
Matt Kund
Matt Vroom
Matt Warner (Hellbound Media)
Matthias Lamm
Maximus Hunt
Michael H Bullington
Michael Highness
Michael Robertson
Michael Skazick
Mikey Ball
Neil Boulton
Neil Morris
Ollie B
Owen Edmonds
Rachel H Sanders
Rhod Arrieta
Rich Hall
Richard Swan
Roddy McCance
Samuel George London
Sarah Harris
Sherrie 😀
Stacy Horesh
Steve Tanner
Steven Yau
Susan Bissett
Susie Gander
Terry Rackley
The True Believers Comic Festival
Tony Esmond
Tony Kittrell
Tony Rackley
Vic Iddstar Hill
Vincentius Talbot
Zach Pindolia
Zaria Riches