£5000 for 1000 Kits

Hi, everyone!
We are starting to reach the end of August and we can’t believe it’s already been over four months since we started our journey with Little Heroes Comics.
We decided to set up the charity after our founder, Aaron, got the all-clear and became cancer-free, and initial fundraising enabled us to raise £1000, creating our first round of one hundred kits which were sent to one hundred children from three different hospitals.

It’s been a busy, yet incredible experience so far and when we first started, we could not have anticipated what amazing feedback we would have from out kits and what demand we would have for them, so much so that the time has come again when we need to start fundras=”.ising for our next round of kits

Our next challenge is to raise £5000 so that we are able to create one thousand new kits. Raising more money means that we can buy in bulk which will help to keep costs down and enable us to create more kits at a cheaper rate.

So where are we currently at? Since our second wave of fundraising, you guys have donated:

£465 towards our £5K target

Please note this total is not live and we try to update it as often as possible.

This is a great achievement for us and we are very grateful to everyone who has donated so far, but we still have a long way to go. If you can spare a few extra £££ please do head over to our donation page here.

What does the money get?

Here is a breakdown of what the money goes towards. The prices below are not fixed as we are constantly trying to find new suppliers for each component to reduce the overall cost.
Products highlighted in blue in the individual products we have already managed to purchase based on the total raised so far.

  • Pre Panelled Comics – £495.00
  • Logo Stickers (2 each kit) – £300.00
  • Pencils (2 in each box) – £104.00
  • Black Pens – £249.99
  • Sticker Sheets – £1,605.00
  • Crayons (8 pack) – £400.00
  • Coloured Pencils (12 half size) – £700.00
  • How To Sheets – £211.00
  • A5 Pads – £799.80
  • Boxes – £148.80
  • Sharpeners – £27.59
  • Erasers – £82.16

If you have any questions or just fancy saying hello, head on over to one of our social media pages Facebook, Twitter or drop us an email at littleheroes@gmail.com

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