We got funded!

After months of hard work and tirelessly looking for ways of taking Little Heroes Comics to the next level, we are delighted to announce some really exciting news: We have just been awarded a grant from the National Lottery big Fund which will allow us to create one thousand more kits!

2017 has been an incredibly busy and exciting year for us. We only started the charity back in April, and from then we have done a pilot programme of one hundred comics across 3 major sites; The Royal Marsden in Sutton, The Rainbow Trust and St George’s Hospital. We have been mention on youtube by the amazing Phil DeFranco and we have been on the Awesome Comics Podcast. After some successful feedback and an increasing demand for more kits, we started a new campaign to try and raise £5000 to enable us to create one thousand more.

Since campaigning, we have had some generous donations from family, friends and the general public which have been really fantastic, but being in the early stages of development, we felt that it could use a real boost to really get things off the ground, so, we sent our grant application to the National Lottery Big Lottery Fund with the message of what an impact we could make and how they could help.

This journey has been an amazing adventure for us and we are so proud of what we have done so far, and having the backing from such a recognised institution solidifies the work we are doing and hopefully sends the message that this is a worthy cause and is something to invest in. It’s given us the fire in our bellies to do more and the finances to make it happen.

We have already started working on the next round of kits over at LHC Headquarters (otherwise known as our small living room which we share with our fish) getting all the components together and ordering new supplies ready to send out in the next few weeks once all the kit components arrive. If you follow us on twitter @littleheroeskit, you probably would have already seen pictures of the boxes dominating our home space!

We are currently in talks with various play therapists to start getting the first run of kits out to children just in time for the Christmas period, however, we are still on the search for more hospitals to send our kits out to in the new year.

If you are a play therapist or someone working for with children fighting long-term illnesses and would like to receive some of our kits please do reach out to us but sending us an email littleheroescomics@gmail.com, or contacting us via one of our social media pages, Facebook or Twitter

To make a donation, please click here if you’d look like to use the just giving page, or you can donate through the website justgiving.com/littleheroescomics

We can not wait to see where the future takes us and we hope that this is just the first of many grants enabling us to reach children across the UK.

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